Your Very Own Marketing Team

We utilize the best in offline and online methods to reach buyers. We know who’s going to buy your house, and we know where to find them and make sure they find you. We don’t target all buyers, we target the kind of buyers who will pay the most for your house. This includes tips on home staging, knowing what financing options are available, high quality coverage and the latest marketing technology.

We Sell Homes Faster Than The 

Think of us as your personal real estate consultants. We’re ready to offer guidance whenever you need us, and help you sell your home for the best price. Contact us for a market analysis!

Negotiating Professionals

Since we’ve worked with hundreds of buyers, we understand how they think when they make an offer. We know how to negotiate to get you the most money and best contract terms. It’s all about understanding how to get a high-paying buyer to make an offer…and feel good doing it.


Strategic Pricing

The price we list your property at is your decision. We’ll supply the market analysis, statistics and facts that will help you make the right decision. And if you want our advice, we’re always happy to give it.

Weekly Updates

Once we list your property, you’re not going to get rid of us. We monitor your web traffic, in person visits, and feedback from agents and prospective buyers. We also keep an eye on the competition in your neighborhood, because we always want your property to be the most desirable of the pack.


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